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West Papua, Indonesia’s most eastern province, is home to hundreds of distinct ethnic groups. It is often regarded as one of the world’s last great frontiers.

With God's blessing and leading, we have created the Village Heartbeat Foundation, a non-profit Christian organization, formed to help meet some of the social, educational, health and spiritual needs of the numerous remote communities scattered throughout the Intan Jaya region.

Village Heartbeat is dedicated to helping remote tribal communities in Papua restore and maintain their spiritual and social heartbeat. It has the goal of strengthening these indigenous communities through identifying and trainingleaders who are dedicated to their communities, leaders who feel a personal responsibility to their people, and who will have the capacity and integrity to work together with interested partners or donors, thereby guaranteeing their community’s survival in this ever-changing world.

Village Heartbeat needs your support through your prayers and donations. Please consider supporting our efforts to strengthen these indigenous communities and churches by praying for them and sending your donation to Village Heartbeat, P.O.Box 49152, Colorado Springs, CO 80949, USA.