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Purpose and Plan


Improve the overall spiritual and social quality of village life in isolated areas through strengthening the leadership capabilities of village communities and church institutions to be able to identify, address and manage their development needs through a collaborative process of communication, education, training, project planning, and grassroots team-building.


Partner with the five different tribal groups and their churches living within the boundaries of the Puncak Jaya regency, these being the primary recipients of the training and capacity-building efforts which will encourage holistic development. One hundred fifty plus churches and villages in the area continue to grow and expand and our goal is to stand with them in the years ahead, assisting where necessary to address the spiritual, educational, health and economic challenges they face.


Strengthen highlands’ communities by providing the training and collaborative support necessary for the various tribal groups to understand their role in bringing growth and change to their areas. Help them assess their needs and carry out their plans by introducing them to sources of technical assistance and development funding from government and private sources.


Assist villages to identify and strengthen leaders who are dedicated to their communities, individuals who feel apersonal responsibility to their people and their future. Help village churches outline a development strategy which is responsible, consistent and compatible with present village needs and one with an emphasis on Biblically–based leadership principles. Assist the communities in identifying and training local partners desiring to actively participate in development in their home villages, so they understand the village needs and can respond appropriately. Develop strategies for aid agencies and donors to partner with local groups, providing input as well as seed capital to assist worthwhile village projects meeting fundamental development criteria. Help villagers understand the importance of minimizing their dependence while developing their self-sufficiency, strengthened through cooperation with partners.


Strengthen local institutions and leaders to shoulder responsibility through close partnering and cooperation between the new government, the indigenous churches, foundations and concerned groups, outside churches and individuals with the expertise, desire, and commitment to help.


The underlying principle of human dignity and God-given value can be promoted through a development philosophy that has the patience to allow communities to take first steps appropriate for their setting, the inclusiveness to encourage community participation in making changes they feel are necessary, and the vision to identify approaches which will perpetuate the growing capability and self-sufficiency of the villages.


The goal of partnership with those in need is to bring about the growth and maturity of the recipients with the hope that the dependency cycle is broken and in its place emerges a spiritually responsible community. The result will be strong indigenous leaders with the right motives who emerge to lead their communities in the fight to eradicate poverty, spiritual apathy and lack of opportunity through transparent teamwork brought to maturity through trust. It will then be possible to say that the price was not too great to empower these communities to determine their destiny with God’s leading and with the help of interested partners.